45th Legislative District

Roger Goodman, WA State Legislature

National Women's Political Caucus

About Me


My background

I’m the single mom of two boys I adopted from Cambodia and China. I moved to Sammamish 14 years ago because I wanted to raise Nick and Eli in a safe, diverse community with high quality public schools, lots of parks, and the feeling of a small town.

I am a Program and Project Management Consultant and have worked with teams across the globe in many of the region's companies, including Microsoft, Costco, T-Mobile, Amazon, UW, Providence, Premera and The Gates Foundation.  My work in these companies has taught me to be collaborative, innovative, and most important -- a good listener.  


My top issues

Community Outreach and Inclusion:  We need to advocate for ALL families  

Sammamish is becoming more diverse every day and we deserve to have a city council that reflects the reality of who we are.  All families – one parent or two, immigrant or not – need to have a voice in their community.   

Environmental Stewardship:  We need to protect our natural spaces 

Sammamish is a beautiful place to live, but it seems like our forests and wetlands are shrinking.  We MUST protect these spaces so that we can all live in a place we love. 

Thoughtful Growth:  We need to  make balanced decisions 

Development in Sammamish is crowding our roads and straining our resources.  We need to balance growth with adequate infrastructure.  We DO need to grow, but let’s do that in a way that preserves what makes Sammamish so special.


My involvement

  • I am a Precinct Officer for the 45th Legislative District 
  • My boys and I have volunteered with PAWS, EarthCorps, and Little Bit
  • I have been a board member for Cambodia Tomorrow with a group of parents who adopted our children from Kompong Speu Orphan Center in Cambodia.  Together, we have helped to educate over 150 children. 

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